How It works

Talking Cure Happens At 2 Levels :

Initial Consultation

  • During the consultation the therapist will attempt to get to know you and the problems you face in detail. Background information about your parents, the nature of your relationship with them and your other close relationships are vital in building a clear picture of how your current problems emerged.
  • You can use the session to describe your goals as well as fears. At the end of the consultation you can expect to feel understood.
  • The initial meeting (online or in person) is termed as consultation. The session lasts 45 to 50 minutes. Assessment for suitability for psychoanalytic psychotherapy is done during a consultation. Based on the initial session, we can jointly plan out regular sessions as the need arises.

Regular Sessions

  • Psychotherapy sessions are done on a weekly basis, usually at the same time on the same day of the week. Each session of individual therapy lasts 45 minutes. If the need is dire, then more sessions or more time can be allotted.
Why Seek Help At

Paradigm Intune?

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and even before that, since the world has started becoming highly competitive, we live in a world that places enormous demands on our lives. Now more than ever, we are asked to demonstrate agility, adaptability and the ability to smoothly cope with constant change while living with a constant sense of uncertainty about what tomorrow holds. Consequently, mental health challenges ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma, and lifestyle disorders have been on a steep rise, but it is also now more than ever OK to ask for help and seek help.

Paradigm Intune is a safe space created and led by Dr. Smita Gouthi (a trained Psycho-analyst and therapist with over two decades of global experience) where individuals can seek help, explore untapped resources and search for their unique voices. It is a space for deep reflection, a space for self-discovery. Dr. Gouthi works with people from diverse backgrounds around the world facing a wide range of issues spanning from personal, relationship, or professional crises, to health-related challenges.

Talking therapy (talking to someone with an open heart where you will not be judged) amongst other psychotherapy services have shown to subtly and profoundly have a significant positive impact and help improve the ability to tackle and navigate through different situations of life. This is at the core of Paradigm Intune’s service offerings.

Dr.Smita Gouthi works with university students, individuals, corporate executives, couples, and families to help them be their best selves and to excel and have a happy life.

Dr. Smita Gouthi

Psychoanalyst and Training Analyst with the Indian Psychoanalytical Society and International Psychoanalytical Association

Dr. Smita Gouthi has completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Training in Psychoanalysis and has since been on the mission to support people from all walks of life tackle various mental health issues. Over the past 2 decades, Dr. Gouthi has garnered a variety of experiences across different treatment modalities and clinical settings including – private practice, university student counseling, outpatient mental health, and disaster management center of Gujarat Government. She has helped patients suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, while also helping them smoothly transition into new careers, relationships, chronic medical conditions, including lifestyle disorders and loss.

She has also worked extensively on helping overcome mental disharmony with patients at the Gujarat Research and Medical Institute in Ahmedabad alongside providing counseling for pre and post cardiac surgery patients, cancer patients and critically ill patients and their relatives to help them cope better.

She believes that a combination of psychoanalytic treatment (talk therapy), psychoeducation, and coping skills have proven to be the most effective method for attaining the long-lasting results and consistent life changes that one desires.

Dr Smitha has incredible insight and sensitivity. She senses and and is incredibly intuitive. She provides empathy while incorporating medical knowledge and intuition . Compassion is given with truth, honesty and guidance for healing and growth. She has been an amazing asset during one of the most difficult and chaotic times of my life. Her recommendations on how to handle stress and anxiety have been extremely helpful. She is so easy to talk to, she listened, and gave me advice that was non-judgmental, realistic, and effective. What makes Dr Smitha such a great fit for my therapy and my work on myself is she comes from where I come from. I felt very comfortable sharing my life and challenges with her. I now have tools and new coping mechanisms to help me along the way, and I'm so very grateful. If I ever need additional counseling, she is the one. I felt heard and helped. She is a gift.
Anonymous from USA
Very satisfying experience. She has been amazing in her work helping me and always being the best. I always found very relaxing discussing the issues with her. I am a patient of Dr. Smitha for a long time and she is a great Psychotherapist and very helpful to me. I must say talking to her has brought significant positive changes in my life in lot many areas like personal relationships and professional advancements. Always grateful to her for her kind support.
Anonymous from Dubai