Why seek help?

In the Entire Life Cycle of any Human Being or the “Life Cycle” of an INDIVIDUAL their Emotional and Mental Health has to nurtured with care just like we take care and nurture the Physical Health. There is a CONTINUUM between Mind and Body. There is a famous saying “I think thus I am”.

If you are having any of the above issues or other issues within yourself, your family, friends, work area or colleagues, your loved ones or you are feeling worthless or lost then it is the perfect time to reach out to us.

People who are most affected:

1. Young parents of Children in School – There are a lot of children in schools (need not be top of the line) who are affected due to acrimonious environment at home or in the classroom or in school environment where children start behaving strangely and parents are at a loss but are scared to take counselling or outside help.

2. GenX – Here we don’t mean just young adults. All between the age group of 18-35 are included. In this era of instant gratification, they feel distressed or down trodden or left out which leads to serious mental health issues.

3. Couples – All couples have issues due to family problems or supposed mental matching. Thus cases of divorce extra marital affairs or office affairs have gone up as they don’t want to talk to each other openly and discuss remedies.

4. Mid-Career Professionals – Again the age of instant gratification and self- importance if they don’t get a promotion or increment as desired then they lose motivation to work or become vengeful and deceitful.

5. Elderly people – All elderly people specially after retirement or once their children get educated and married and shift to other cities for careers or shift out of the house are affected and feel left alone and miserable.

We are an internationally recognized Psycho Analytical and Counselling hub which is 100% trustworthy and what is discussed will remain strictly between you and us. You need to take Counselling and get cured to live a gainful and happy life. Contact Us immediately.